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Publication de 2014-2016


Nom et prénom de l’auteur/Author's name and first name

Titre de l’article /Paper's title

Nom de la revue o journal/Magazine's or journal's title

N° et vol/N° and volume



Résumé /Abstract

141 Ayoub zeroual,Mohamed Meddi,Ali Assani Artificial Neural Network Rainfall-Discharge Model Assessment Under Rating Curve Uncertainty and Monthly Discharge Volume Predictions Water Resources Management 2016 1-15 ABSTRACT
140 Abdelkader sadeuk ben abbes,Mohamed MEDDI Study of propagation and floods routing in north-western region of algeria International Journal of hydrology Science and technology vol.6  n° 2 2016 118 ABSTRACT
139 Mohamed Meddi Contribution a l'etude du transport solide en Algerie du nord larhyss Journal n° 24 2015 315-336 ABSTRACT
138 S. Taibi, M. Meddi,G. Mahé  A,Assani Relationships between atmospheric circulation indices and rainfall in Northern Algeria and comparison of observed and RCM-generated rainfall theoretical and applide climatology 2015 1-17 ABSTRACT
137 S. Taibi, M. Meddi,G. Mahé Evolution des pluies extrêmes dans le bassin du Chéliff
(Algérie) au cours des 40 dernières années 1971–2010
piahs n° 369 2015 pp175–180 RESUME
136 mohamed meddi , jean piérre labords;Saeid Eslamian rainfall frequency using extreme values distributions in the steppe region of western algeria International Journal of hydrology Science and technology vol.4  N °4 2014 pp 348-367 ABSTRACT
135 M.K.Mihoubi R.belkessa , M.A.latreche Study of the Vulnerability of Coastal Areas of the Algerian Basin with the GIS, International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, Vol. 5, No. 6, 2014 pp. 522-526



134 fadilha touhari. Mohamed meddi . Madjid mehaiguene. Moumtaz razack hydrogeoghemical assessment of the upper cheliff groundwater (north west algeria) environmental earth sciences 2014


133 mohamed meddi          samir toumi regionalisation of rainfall erosivity in northern algeria journal of hydrology and technology vol 4 n 2 2014 155-175



132 mohamed meddi abdelwahab rahmouni rainfall regime evolution and drought forecasting in eastern algeria hydrology in a changing word environmental and human dimension proceeding of frind water 2014 ,Honoi, vietnam  IAHS Publ 2014 363



131 karachacene hafsa,    meddi mohamed evolution de la pluviometrie journalier dans le nord ouest algerien revue agro-ecologie vol 02/02 2014 pp 123-131



130 Corato Giovanni , Ammari Abdelhadi , Moramarco Tommaso Conventional Point – Velocity Records and Surface Velocity , Observations for Estimating High Flow Discharge. Entropy vol. 16  issue 10 2014 5546-5559



129 HALLOUZ F , MEHDI M , MAHE G Study of the relationship between sediment transport and rainfall extremes in the watershed  of the wadi Mina (northwest Algeria), Hydrology in a changing world – Environmental and Human Dimensions proceeding of Friend – Water (IAHS Publ 363 , 2014) 2014 (IAHS Publ 363 , 2014)


128 TAIBI S , MEDDI M , MAHE G ,ASSANI A Analysis of Rainfall Extreme Events in Northern Algeria . Variability of Annual and Exterme Rainfall Over Northen Algeria And Relashioship With Teleconnections Patterns. Proceedings of the Mediterranean Meeting on Monotoring , modeling and early warning of exterme events trigged by heavy rainfalls 2014 pp 123-132



127 KARAHCANE Hafsa , MEDDI Mohamed Evolution de la pluviométrie journalière dans le nord oust Algerien .

Revue Agro- Écologie vol 02 n 20 2014 pp 123-132



126 MEDDI Mohamed ,SADEUK Abdelkader Analyse statistique et prévision des débits dans le bassin versant de l’Oued Mekerra (Ouest de l’Algérie)  . Revue  « Nature et Technologie »  C – Sciences de l’Environnement N° 10 2014 pp 21-31