The Continuing Training Service offers professional managers in the water and environmental sector, administrations, national agencies, companies and consulting offices short-term retraining and development courses. Training sessions are catalogue and a la carte based on the needs of the client. Admittedly, these affect relevant questions and make it possible to approach new techniques in order to refine technical frameworks to technological evolutions. In addition, the service organizes study days, seminars and workshops on technical issues and topical processes of economic and national interest.

Some numbers

The mission of the E.N.S.H Continuing Training has a capital of more than 25 years experience in training and development :

  • 360 short training sessions of 05 to 10 days.
  • 5093 trainees.
  • 1603 days of training.
  • About ten seminars and technical and scientific study days on purification, exploitation of dams, desalination of sea water and brackish water … ..etc.


The training takes place within the school and on the different educational sites, animated by professional water managers associated with research professors.

The sessions are conducted for groups of no more than fifteen (15) participants per session.

Organization of professional exams and proof contests

In addition to its training mission, the ENSH through the Continuing Training  service is authorized to organize competitions and professional examinations for the benefit of technical personnel (Engineers and TS) of public administrations.