Training offers

1- Admission requirements to get  to the National Higher School of Hydraulics

If you are a new high school graduate, the requirements  for enrolling in the ENSH are:

Priority 01:


2- Technical Mathematics

Priority 02:

Experimental science

For priority 01:

The weighted average >= 13.00/20

(Mathematics l mark + physics mark)/2 >= 13.00/20

For priority 02:

The weighted average >= 14.00/20

(mathematics mark + physics mark)/2 >= 14.00/20

The admission to the ENSH is by way of a national competitive entrance examination to the National Higher Schools  at the end of two (02) years of study in sciences and technical preparatory classes within the ENSH  or at other higher schools.


2- Training offers

A state engineering degree in hydraulics.

A Master’s degree in hydraulics.

Doctoral training in hydraulics

Continuous training and professional examinations.

Courses and study specialties

The duration of the course of studies at the ENSH is three years in one of the following specialities:

1-Urban hydraulics

Design of drinking water supply systems.

Design of sanitation systems.

2-Hydrotechnical Development and Works

Planning and Hydraulic Engineering.

Design of Hydrotechnical Works.


Design of irrigation-drainage systems.

Reuse of unconventional water.

The ENSH intends to expand its skills network to provide other training offers in disciplines related to hydraulics, these are the following options:

Hydraulic Works and Environment.


The lessons are provided in the form of :

  • Course,
  • Directed work,
  • Practical work,
  • Projects consolidated by study outputs
  • Internships in professional environments.