Engineers, technical managers, technicians and professionals practicing in the fields of hydraulics, public works, energy and the environment, this interests you.

  • Given its strong experience in the field, the National Higher School of Hydraulics presents its offer of continuing training to the attention of engineers and technical executives of the State (Water Resources, Agriculture, Environment, Public Works, Energy and mining), public and parapublic institutions, local authorities and the private sector (engineering offices and companies).
  • Most of the internships will be held at the ENSH premises, in the form of lectures, tutorials and / or practical work with case studies and field visits. The sessions will be facilitated by experts, consultants, academics and experienced practitioners, for groups of 12 to 15 trainees and for a period of 3 to 5 days depending on the volume of the program to be taught.
  • The ENSH can also organize à la carte continuing sessions for any organization, based on precise specifications. These sessions are usually held in the premises of the ENSH and can be of varying duration, at the choice of the applicant organization. They are the subject of a training agreement between the organization and the ENSH, specifying the precise commitments of both parties.

The themes proposed for the short-term training aim to:

  • To provide the necessary complementary knowledge to the various specialists to allow integration into multidisciplinary teams concerned by joint projects.
  • To provide a new technical tool, either to a specific group of specialists or to a group of specialists working in a given field. 

The themes of the catalogeue program are divided into five parts:

Part  1: Mobilization of Water Resources

Part 2: Civil Engineering and Geotechnics: Geology of the Engineer

Part 3: Urban Hydraulics

Part 4: Geographic Information System

Part 5: Public Market and Management