Since it was set up in 1991, continuing training at the ENSH has grown to such an extent that the number of staff it addresses goes beyond those involved in graduation training cycles.

The training offer is essentially based on the experience gained through the services we have provided for several years, consolidated by the assessments undertaken with our partners and the requirements for a rapid and consistent adaptation of the training objectives:

  • professionals of water resources
  • professionals in land use planning, the environment and equipment.

Our approach integrates the will to master and that of transmitting the most effective scientific, technological and technical know-how whatever the field taken care of.

To this end, a very offensive prospecting and marketing work is conducted to capture the most prominent skills at the level of institutions related to scientific research and research and development in the fields of engineering, interesting our partners. This work is facilitated by the network of relationships, both nationally and internationally, through partnership agreements and programs established with many institutions, both academic and socio-economic.

We advocate a two-parts program to address the concerns of our partners:

  • Both those demanding the need to quickly equip a given professional category, a specific scientific work tool needed for the environment of a project under study or realization.
  • longer-term ones to develop their technological and technical potential to design and implement the most rational and modern solutions in project design and implementation.

Within the framework of the Algerian-French cooperation project, RME, the National School of Hydraulics is among the pilot institutions that aspire to create a subsidiary of valorization of services in the field of the qualified training , the study and expertise.