1 – The access is open, according to the provisions of the ministerial circular, to the bachelors in the series:

Priority 1

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical techniques

 Priority 2

  • Experimental science

 The duration of studies is 05 years:

Two (02) years of preparatory class and three (03) years in one of the specialties:

  1. Urban Hydraulics (HU)
  2. Irrigation and drainage (ID)
  3. Hydraulic Engineering (AGH)

2 – the access to first year Second cycle (ex third year) is open to students from preparatory schools who have been admitted to the entrance examination for higher schools

The courses are taught in the form of :

  • lectures, tutorials and consolidated by practical work in the fourteen (14) laboratories and three experimental platforms available at the school.
  • Infrastructure and construction sites visits (dams, pumping stations, purification and treatment plants, desalination plants and irrigated perimeters).
  • Practical traineeship in the workplace on dam sites, irrigation perimeters, hydrotechnical structures and design offices.