Objectives of the training :

The training of Irrigation and Drainage Engineers is primarily intended to support the national sectors directly or indirectly related to agriculture as well as to other industrial sectors (such as the manufacture of pipes and apparatus and tools of different irrigation systems ….); sanitation; hydraulics …. . To create design and consulting offices able to handle various projects related to the demand of this sector and find solutions to problems.

Furthermore, the respect and protection of the environment is highly emphasized, and that can be realized through mastery of irrigation and drainage systems, as well as the use of renewable resources of energy.


Currently, several companies (public and private) offer jobs to our engineers, including:

– Central Administration of the water resources sector (Directorate of hydro-agricultural installations),

-Central Administration of the Agriculture Sector,

– Water Resources Departments at the level of Wilaya,

– Agricultural Services Departments at the level of Wilaya,

-Local communities (technical services within hometowns and dairas),

-National Agency for Irrigation and Drainage,

– Offices of Irrigation perimeters and Drainage (national OPIs and of wilaya),

-Public and private design and consulting offices for hydrotechnical development issues (irrigation and drainage) such as BNEDER …

-Company of technical control of hydraulic works (CTH),

-Companies performing irrigation and drainage works such as hydro development …

Qualification and entrepreneurship::

In collaboration with the entrepreneurship unit training future managers, project holders, to achieve entrepreneur culture through the training the entrepreneur engineer

The acquired skills

The training of engineers in this field allows them to:


The mastery of the know-how in this field: the good choice of the system, followed by the adequate projection of the different systems of irrigation, drainage and supply according to different external and internal factors.


  • Know how to present and defend their ideas,
  • Simplify communication with farmers,
  • Help farmers in learning the operation of different systems.

Group Management:

The choice of the most suitable stages for the elaboration of a project,

-Enjoying team work to better manage the project or the problems that meet them. This helps to sharpen their sense of responsibility,

-This is done through management of different mini-projects, where the judgment of the quality of the work is done with respect to the collective action of the different members of the group and not the individual action.


The department aims at realizing two missions:

Principle mission:

  • Training of state engineers in hydraulics, domain of irrigation and drainage,
  • Offering Master of Arts degree in irrigation and drainage,
  • Doctorate “LMD” training in irrigation and drainage in collaboration with the sub-directorate of research.

Other Missions:

In collaboration with the Directorate of Continuing Education, to contribute to the organization of ordinary continuous training courses in irrigation and drainage as well as in-house training that responds to  the profile of engineers and technical managers in the sectors of water resources and agriculture in irrigation and drainage.